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Revised April 2012. Adopted June 2012.

1. Name:.........The name of the association shall be the “Linden Citizens’ Association”, hereinafter referred to as “the Association”.

2. Objects:......The Objects of the Association shall be to enable the residents and ratepayers of Linden to formulate and promote in Linden progress and beautification activities, preservation of natural and historical features, and community service generally. The Association shall be non-sectarian and non-political.

3. Membership: (a) All residents and ratepayers of the Linden Town Improvement Area shall be eligible for membership.

(b) Honorary membership may be conferred upon persons on adoption of motion at a meeting of the Association, but such persons shall not be entitled to vote.

4. Subscriptions: The annual subscription to the Association shall be payable in advance. The amount is to be determined at a General Meeting. Life Membership shall be available at an amount decided by the Committee. Any member twelve months or more in arrears shall be excluded from voting at a meeting.

5. Officers:......The Officers of the Association shall comprise a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The President shall preside at all meetings. In the President’s absence the Vice President shall preside.

In the absence of the President and Vice President, the meeting shall elect a chairperson for that meeting. In all voting the Chairperson shall have a casting vote.

The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all proceedings, attend to all correspondence and otherwise attend to the duties of that office.

The Treasurer shall receive all moneys, giving receipts for same, attend to the banking of moneys received, keep the books of the Association, and submit a balance sheet to the Annual General meeting or when required.

All office bearers shall be residents of Linden.

6. Committee:..The Committee shall comprise the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and at least three other financial members of the Association or more as determined by the Committee. The management of the Association shall be vested in the Committee.

7. Election of Officers and Committee: The Office Bearers and Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. All candidates shall be nominated, seconded and elected by a show of hands or by ballot under the primary voting system if the ballot is requested prior to the meeting. Returning officers and scrutineers shall be appointed prior to the election. Office bearers shall retire at the Annual General Meeting, but shall be eligible for re-election.

8. Meetings:.....Meetings shall be held in Linden, unless the Committee decides otherwise. A minimum of four meetings, including the Annual General Meeting, shall be held per calendar year at times to be determined by the Committee and should finish by approximately 10 pm. The financial year shall conclude on 30th June and the Annual General Meeting shall be held within six months of the end of the financial year. An annual report, balance sheet and other reports as determined by the Committee shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting. Special meetings of the Association shall be called by the Committee or on petition of not less than seven financial members.

9. Quorum:......Seven members shall constitute a Quorum at all General and Annual General Meetings of the Association and four members at Committee Meetings.

10. Delegations: Delegations speaking in the name of the Association shall be nominated and elected by a meeting of the Association and shall comprise not less than two persons who shall not be joint property owners or occupiers in Linden.

Alternative delegates may be appointed in accordance with this clause.

11. Funds:.......The Funds of the Association shall be banked in the name of the Association. All payments to be authorised by any two of the three approved signatories. Approved signatories shall consist of President, Secretary or Treasurer. Accounts shall be presented at a General Meeting and recorded in the minutes. All expenditure must be approved by a majority of the Committee.

12. Auditor:.....An auditor may be appointed at the discretion of the Committee.

13. Procedure at Meetings: At all General Meetings the order of business should be: confirmation of minutes of previous meeting, business arising from minutes, new members and subscriptions, correspondence, business arising from correspondence, accounts, reports, business deferred from previous meeting, notices of motion, motions of which due notice has been given, questions, general business and discussions.

14. Amendments to Constitution and Rules: The Constitution or Rules of the Association shall not be deleted, added to or amended except at a meeting of the Association, and after due notice of motion in writing shall have been given at a previous meeting and the notice of motion circulated in writing to all members.

15. Dissolution: The Association shall be dissolved in the event of the membership being less than three persons or upon the vote of a three-fourths majority of the members present at a special meeting convened to consider such question. Upon dissolution, assets and funds on hand shall, after payment of all expenses and liabilities, be handed over to such registered or exempted charity or charities as a majority of members present at a General Meeting may decide.

Updated May 2014